All about us:
Dear NSU-friend,

first of all, thank you for your interest in our Internet-presentation

We have been prototyping and supplying spare parts for NSU cars for racing and for street use since 1981. We also
carry out the construction, development, production and tuning of racing engines and motor parts. We have found
that the use of new materials and modern processes enables us to achieve more reliable and robust machines
more quickly for the user - you!

After years of experience in racing with NSUs, we are now able to offer an up-to-date service for the active racing
driver as well as for exacting enthusiasts. On the next pages you will find anything from single parts to a replacement
engine or even a complete new body to rebuild your precious NSU TT or TTS.

We are also able to offer you original SPIESS race parts from old stocks of the 70ies. With the know-how that we
have established through long years of NSU racing experience and scientific studies in how to optimally tune
these racing engines we are the perfect partners for all your customized requirements.

In our certified and approved work shop we offer an "all in one" service with the following services:
  •   engine repair / engine tuning
•   complete or partial restoration
•   body work / accident repair
•   paint work
•   demontage / montage
•   interior upholstery
•   Full MOT (TÜV) service with all the
    necessary special registrations
    •   Used NSU TT and TTS vehicles, either in their original
    state or fully restored, with standard chassis and set
    lower and wider with motor sport extras
•   Historical motor sport
•   SPIESS racing parts
As professional restorers we offer a ready-to-drive, MOT'd (TÜV'd) NSU TT or TTS. You can purchase standard or
modified vehicles, customized to meet your personal requirements and varnished in your favorite colour.
(Have a look at some of our fully-restored models).
The following list of spare parts and services will allow you to put together your own individual plan for your vehicle.
We hope that we can meet all your requirements and look forward to serving you and fulfilling your orders.
Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have, either by telephone or by e-mail.
We can also arrange a showing of our collection of 20 NSU racing and road vehicles if required.
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